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Facial recognition system, black PSILOC product


The latest in facial recognition access control.
PSILOC represents the newest generation of biometrics design from PSI.
PSILOC builds upon a foundation of 5 years of Biometrics design and implementation, with currently over a million
faces processed every day by Perception Sensors & Instrumentation imaging systems worldwide.

High Quality Imaging
The PSILOC uses imaging technology designed by PSI to capture high quality images of the facial region
even in high vibration environments, making the system uniquely suitable for installation in public
transportation systems, vehicles, high value plant equipment and machinery.

Irrespective of whether its the subject in motion or the PSILOC, the ideal image will be captured
resulting in optimal performance of the facial recognition system.



PSIQUI is a behind the scenes master unit storing the database information for installed PSILOCs. Each PSIQUI can
connect to 6 PSILOCS directly and provide direct power for each unit, reducing cabling complexity of the installation.
For larger installations, the PSIQUI can be networked to other PSIQUI units.

Each PSILOC can be connected within a 5m radius of the PSIQUI, or a 10m radius when using powered USB hubs.
This enables a single PSIQUI to service a large single installation such as a set of turnstiles or gates.

Remote Lock Device (optional)

For additional security a separate remote access controller is available.
This unit is small in size enabling easy installation in a secure location.
The PSILOC can then communicate with this controller using encrypted commands, and remotely pass instructions
such as opening or closing a lock.

In practice this means that the component part in control of the locked system is kept away from users and must be
communicated with using PSILOC encrypted commands, limiting the possibility of tampering

Facial recognition system, Black PSIQUI products

Prox-Card technology

The Prox-card reading technology in PSILOC resullts in a contactless interface, enabling PSILOC to be used in environments where hygiene importance is paramount.

Each prox-card features a unique identification to speed up the recognition process through large databases of facial recognition templates, ensuring consistently fast verification.