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D.P. flow measurement, white PSI-2 product


The PSI-2 is a fully integrated flow computer, offering a wide range of options to simplify and reduce the cost of gaseous flow measurement derived from differential pressure sources. The integrated transducers and computational unit provide the ultimate flexibility in D.P. flow measurement.


Standard Features

  • Reports in velocity, volumetric flow or mass flow
  • May refer to standard temperature and pressure
  • Linearisation function to compensate for variable flow profiles
  • Two 4 — 20mA current loop outputs
  • Serial interface for PC configuration
  • Simple to install
  • Modbus interface

Optional Features

  • Integral configuration display & keypad
  • Remote mounted configuration display & keypad
  • Timed back purge
  • Timed auto zero calibration
  • External DR source
  • External multi-channel D.P. source
  • Integral S type Pitot
  • Integral averaging Pitot
D.P. flow measurement, white PSI-2 product from back